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Welcome to It is here you will find an ever-expanding and plentiful online resource providing information on food and beverage choices for your family, summaries related to all things pertaining to food and cooking, and a whole lot more. We are pleased to also offer readers a large variety of recipes which can be searched by keyword. You are guaranteed to find one or two new recipes that will surely become regular favourites at your dining room table, and have permanent homes in your recipe box.

You can learn more about cooking terms and facts here, as this site contains a wealth of information which will surely increase your level of food preparation and cooking knowledge. The Cooking Terms category is an expanding list of cooking and food related terms. This section of the site is a handy virtual online encyclopaedia of cooking and food resources at your fingertips and computer screen!

Click on the corresponding categories below to obtain information and resources on healthy eating, sugar-free and low-fat foods, cooking with herbs and spices, understanding organic foods, and much more. There is also a section for finding cooking recipes to suit every taste and every need. Under each recipe heading you will find informative summaries about the recipe topic with hints and suggestions to guide you along.

Cooking and preparing food is meant to be abundant part of life. Having food on the table at any given meal time is truly a celebration of abundance, and the recipes on this site are a true celebration of food. Many people who find themselves nervous in the kitchen will find some recipes in here that invoke pleasant taste ideas in their minds. Over time as a novice cook continues to find dishes that they enjoy preparing and tasting, they will get more comfortable in the kitchen. Cooking takes practice, and it is important to know that patience is often the best ingredient when preparing a great meal.

Make sure you bookmark this site and visit often, as new recipes, new cooking and food terms and resources will be added on a regular basis. Make your first choice for all informative things related to food and cooking! If you find that new regular favourite you are cooking came from recipes on this site, forward the Cookingwhiz site address to your friends, family and colleagues. You are also invited to subscribe to our email list and receive cooking recipes information, resources and offers pertaining to food, cooking and healthy lifestyles.

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